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Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Shingles Pain

Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox.

The virus can remain dormant in nerve cells for many years after the onset of chickenpox. The first symptom of a herpes zoster attack is usually pain or tingling over the area to be affected. A few days later, a red rash appears. The red bumps soon turn to virus-filled blisters which then dry, crust, and turn yellow. Eruptions usually occur on only one side of the body, either over the ribs, on one half of the face, or as a strip on one half of the neck and adjoining arm; or on the lower body.

Typically shingles strikes the elderly and those with suppressed immune systems. Postherpetic neuralgia is pain due to nerve damage. It may be serious and persist for many months.

Acupuncture is possibly the most effective method of reducing the acute nerve pain associated with shingles.  You must start acupuncture treatment as soon as possible when treating shingles if you hope to reduce the likelihood of post-herpetic neuralgia(PHN). Patients should receive treatment EVERY day for the first 7 days.  Wear gloves when performing acupuncture on shingles patients with acute eruptions (the vesicles may contain active virus). The researchers also conducted a follow up survey three months after treatment completion. They found that the incident rate of PHN in the treatment group was 3.33%. The incident rate of PHN in the control treatment group was 30.00%.


  • Myrrh tincture: Take internally 1/2 to 1 dropperful (three to four times daily); apply topically to affected area (three times daily).
  • Antioxidant formula that contains zinc and selenium (follow label instructions).
  • St. John's wort oil: Apply topically to affected area (three to four times daily). This is effective for pain in many patients.
  • Lemon balm tea: Steep one tablespoon dried lemon balm leaves in one cup of boiled water for 15 minutes. Strain and apply as a warm or cool compress depending on preference (three to four times daily). Lemon balm stops viral replication.

Professional Treatments        

Chinese herbal therapy includes the administration of tonic herbs to strengthen the immune system, herbal antivirals, and specific pain-relieving herbs used topically and internally.  In our office, we see  instantly relief for shingles pain after cupping, most patient was able to manage pain without pain killer in 3-5 treatments combine with Herbs.

  • Moxa stick to warm the painful area for 30 minutes each day for three consecutive days. If the client's skin becomes too warm, temporarily move the moxa stick to LI 4, ST 36, or points along the Liver channel, before returning to the affected area. Moxibustion is used to reduce pain and attack the virus.
  • Wet Cupping: To release virus and toxin from lesion area, very effective in releasing the pain.We use xionghuang,baifan,qingdai,bingpian Paste to cover the blisters, so they dry and heal fast
  • The primary acupoints selected for the treatment group were the following
    • Ashi (skin lesion areas), LI4 (Hegu), LI11 (Quchi), Jiaji (extra) 
    • For hyperactivity of liver fire, the following acupuncture points were added:
    • TB6 (Zhigou)   LV3 (Taichong)
    • For dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach, the following acupuncture points were added:
    • SP6 (Sanyinjiao)   SP10 (Xuehai)
    • For qi stagnation and blood stasis, the following acupuncture point was added:
    • BL17 (Geshu)
  •   A mushroom formula, consisting of ganoderma (rei shi/ling zhi); tremella (bai mu er); poria; and polyporus (zhu ling), is used to boost the immune system. Dosage is two to three tablets, three times a day. This is especially useful for cold signs when combined with the isatis formula long-term.
  • A dragon's blood formula, made from dragon's blood (xue jie); tienchi root (san qi); catechu (er cha); corydalis (yan hu suo); carthamus (hong hua); myrrh (mo yao); frankincense (ru xiang); borneol (bing pian); alcohol; and glycerine, can be taken internally at the rate of one-half dropperful three to four times per day, or massaged into affected area. It can also be combined with powdered selenium or the heat formula to form a poultice, which is applied twice daily. Cover with gauze.
  • A channel formula, consisting of corydalis rhizome; angelica root; peony root (bai shao); cinnamon twig (gui zhi); tang kuei root; salvia root (dan shen); myrrh resin; frankincense gum; and licorice root, taken at the rate of two to three tablets, three to four times a day, can be used with the above measures to reduce pain.

Case Studies

Women, 80 years old, Go to emergency room for right arm pain at night, sever pain can not sleep. Second day come to the office, slightly blister along C6-T1 area on the arm.  Diagnosed as Shingles, wet cupping, moxa. Patient can fall asleep same day. Next day more zoster showed up in the progress, Sunday no treatment, severer pain at night again, next day come to treatment with wet cupping, acupuncture with herbs, relaxed and fall asleep on the treatment table. Third day, blister start to dry and pain controlled.








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