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Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Good Fat 

Eat Fat, Lose Fat  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fa83oTVHN_s

Our Body need Good Fat!! while everyone was educated to avoid fat, it is true that hydrogenated/GMO vegetable oils, which are unsaturated fats  interfere with your insulin receptors and put you at risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. But Saturated fats are the healthy fats found in animal products like butter, cheese, whole raw milk, and fatty meats has many benefits:

Provide building blocks for cell membranes, hormones, and hormone-like substances
Aid mineral absorption, such as calcium
Function as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K
Support conversion of carotene into vitamin A
Help to lower cholesterol levels(palmitic and stearic acids)
Act as antiviral agent (caprylic acid)
Provide optimal fuel for your brain and heart
Increase satiety
Modulate genetic regulation and help prevent cancer (butyric acid)

People use extreme Fat diet like KetoGenic Diet to heal seizures, treat diabetes, and lower cholestrol. See reference  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/02/02/ketogenic-diet-health-benefits.aspx

Here is some example of Good FAT:

For Dressing or smoothy:  Olives and Olive oil (for cold dishes), Palm oil Unheated organic nut oils, MCT oil, Raw cacao butter, hempseed oil

For Cooking with: Coconuts, and coconut oil (for all types of cooking and baking) Butter made from raw grass-fed organic milk, Animal Fat

Food: Raw Nuts like almonds, macadamia or pecans, Organic pastured egg yolks, Avocados,                                                                                                   Pasture finished meats , Wild Caught Fish(OMG-3), Bone Broth

Supplyment: Krill, cod liver oil, Wild Salmon Fish Oil



299 W Hillcrest Dr, #206 Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360

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